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Roller 1cm x 2cm Rondelle Pearl Chopsticks 1cm x 0.3 cm

Corals are like skeletts the remains of tiny, small marine creatures, so organic origin. This Coralpolyp live in warm water, over the millennia, they are off the coasts to reefs to grow. Cupolini: skeleton are similar to small sticks, Big plays and balls are either striped or gemasert like wood.

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Lovers of the pieces are dark red coral Moro, and the zartrosa variety, including Angel's skin. Most coral, red, white, pink and blue are composed of calcium, from a Black hornartigen substance, the Konchiolin. To produce jewelry, but only the pink and red. The import of black and white coral is with us.

Care: jewelry processed corals to need some care. They are sensitive to shocks, acids, alkalis, hot baths and cosmetics. Over time, the color can fade.

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