Crimping pliers

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120mm Crimping pliers Level 1 presses Level 2 presses Crimpcover ready

A Crimping pliers is pressing the Crimpcover.

The Crimping plier is a special tool just in the manufacture of pearl necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry pieces needed. The front part of the Crimping pliers is also great for the assembly of special Perles to 4mm. Some pliers have a spring in the grip part, so let go when the forceps always open.

Here at Winterthur Neus-shop you'll find all tools to make themselves accessories to jewelry designing.

Next tools to make jewelry Side Cutter, Crimping pliers, Round-nose plier, Flat-nose Plier, Chain-nose plier or the Plier and beading tool Set. You can make jewelry, pearls chains with locks on which wire to cut, eyelets and to be accessories to the assembly.

Here you will find various pliers, tools.

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