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fashion jewelry cheap silver earrings with New Design Neus-Shop

Headpin with freshwater pearls Ear hook with safety clip Gold Headpin with Onjx gem Ear spring with Baliperle
This pen with silver earring drops with freshwater pearls from Headpin Neus-Shop enlarge detail
Ear hook with safety clip from Neus-Shop enlarge closer look
This Headpin Onjx Gemstone From Neus-Shop enlarge closer look
This Ear spring with Baliperle Shop by Neus-Shop enlarge closer look

Earrings Earrings ourselves or tinker with whatever they call it, it is very easy and the design freedoms are huge. Earrings for Men, women, children, you can easily make yourself. Very beautiful earrings are created when you are with beads, Bugis, Swarovski and a trailer with a tassel or an earring produce.

Earrings earrings or finished, you can buy at Neus Shop, or they are a couple with your own design, individual pieces themselves, we have hundreds of jewelry suitable parts in stock.

All oure metal parts to manufacture earring are nickelfree, please contact us :
  • Brass-plated
  • Gold-plated brass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Silver 925
  • Gold

List of potential small parts to earring jewelry making:

Jewelry elements:


  • Ohrhaken
  • Ohrfedern
  • Pierced earrings with a plate (the pearl itself is pasted)
  • Earrings with Sicherheitsclip
  • Pin with head (= Headpin also with gems)
  • Kerole (= Creole rings to several centimeters large)

Here at Winterthur Neus-shop you'll find all tools to make themselves accessories to jewelry designing.

We have created a Video, so you can see how with just a pearl earring caps, Bugis, glass heart, Headpin and Ear hook produced.

Design by Juvelier earrings Pierced earrings are made of gold, silver Earrings, Akoyaperlen with Gems in a Heeadpin manufactured. Earrings or ready-made sterling silver earrings, you can Neus Shop.

List of potential small parts to earring jewelry making:

Earring Swarovski BiCon Purple heart earrings Pierced earrings with Freshwater pearl
This earring blue Swarovski BiCon Shop by Neus enlarge closer look
This purple heart earrings Neus Shop enlarge closer look
This earrings with freshwater pearls move from New Shop enlarge detail
2 + earrings earring Swarovski with Silver beads caps Earrings; left with Peg (beads with holes) / right with heart and eye Swarovski earrings with freshwater pearls
This Swarovski earring with silver beads caps from New Shop enlarge closer look
left earrings with pearls mounting plate for the right earrings with heart and eye of Neus Shop enlarge closer look
This Swarovski earrings by New Shop enlarge detail

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