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Loctite superglue the best for jewelry beading here Type 454 3g Tube
Loctite superglue the best for jewelry beading here Type 454 3g Tube

To produce jewelry used more specific viscous glue with a small vikositi, which means the amount dosed optimally.

Glue from the building are too fluid and the whole piece of jewellery then visible too much adhesive.

This jewelry superglue is to connect on the rubber thread, pearls on Earring or Cabonfixierungen (small hemispherical or oval pearls). Also, Crimpcovers or Dome as additional security for jewelry mounting with superglue.

Brief description of the application; sticks round pearls on a flat, vertical surface, this jewelry superglue "gap-filling special qualities" to fixiernen buttons. The fine tip of the tube "applicator" is helpful in the process of the adhesive to be where it is needed. Therefore, it is not in other parts of the work or on the fingers!

ATTENTION these adhesives can not touch the skin, since you very quickly even finger stick ...., please use gloves.

Our Glue - Tests have shown that the following products, the best characteristics of jewelry parts:

Loctite 409 for irregular surfaces

Our test results:

  • Glue: high
  • Use: irregular surfaces
  • Drying time: Seconds
  • Color: clear (dry)
  • Dehydration: 30 minutes
  • Strong pressures: better to wait 1 day (our tests)
  • Optimal drying temperature: Room (warm room)

Loctite 454rather smooth Surfaces

Universal emergency adhesive gel to adhesion of metals, composite materials, wood, cork, foam, leather, cardboard, paper and ceramics. Good Spaltfüllvermögen. Recommended for application to vertical surfaces or for overhead work.

Temperature range: Up to 80 ° C; hand strength (steel at 22 ° C and 50% humidity): 5-20Sek. ; Viscosity mPa.s: Gel; Especially suitable for: Porous materials data sheet this Link: pdf Loctite 454 Inforamtion for professionnels

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